Grain Woodcrafting


When it comes to lumber selection, we take great pride in choosing only the highest quality wood, and wood products.

When we acquire the lumber for any custom project, our wood is delivered in rough form and the material is hand selected for each job and milled in-house, again, ensuring only the best selected wood for our clients.

The final material selected is FAS (First And Seconds) or better, which provides our clients with long, clear cuttings

best suited for high quality furniture, interior joinery and solid wood cabinet doors; this also means no knots or imperfections.

Our process also guarantees that all of the wood selected for any project will be from the same lift of wood, which often means that the wood is from the same forest. 

To ensure the highest quality finish, and most importantly, achieving the exact finish our clients

desire, we have our own on-site full spray booth further allowing our shop to make sure finishes are correct and that our quality is not compromised. 

There are numerous finishes to choose from, some of which may include: lacquer, polyurethanes, boiled linseed oil and other natural finishes such as Tung Oil


The installation of a project deserves as much consideration as the design and build. It could make or break your dream. A poor installation can ruin even the most beautiful cabinets.
To ensure consistency in high quality workmanship and a product the staff is proud of, our crew not only builds your project, but they also do all of our installations as well.

At Grain, we encourage you to be involved in every step of your project from design to installation as it is your vision that we build to precision.

Our 5000 sq. foot facility enables us to build your dream locally without shipping your project in from another region. Building every piece at the shop gives you the opportunity to be actively involved as your product is being manufactured.


We encourage you to be a part of this process for a seamless experience and a product beyond your expectations.

At Grain Woodcrafting we are proud to foster relationships with our clients who in turn facilitate our growth in the community.


Our kitchens are beautifully designed and built for your needs in your home. Most people spend more of their time in the kitchen than any other room in their house. For this reason, we exquisitely hand craft your kitchen with detail and precision so that you can enjoy yourself.

Attention to detail begins with materials we use to manufacture your cabinets. We choose the highest quality veneer core plywood and FAS solid material to build cabinets in our Premier kitchen line.

We manufacture custom door profiles and panels so that you get the door that you want. To ensure the highest quality finished project, we hand select the best FAS material for the doors and trim so that the wood matches perfectly for a consistent finish.


Grain Woodcrafting is a full functioning wood shop. We can make a wide range of custom products including kitchens, vanities, mantles, bars, staircases and tables including dining and sofa tables.

“Built-ins” is a general term for a custom product that fits perfectly into the intended area on a wall. These can include everything from bookcases and entertainment units to locker cubbies for the kids. We can also custom match any piece in order to build or add on to specific existing cabinetry.

At Grain, all of our designs are screen to machine technology. We have a modern CNC, which we use to cut many of our products. This guarantees accuracy for a speedy and precise project.


At Grain, we make custom millwork and trim to complete projects or enhance a room so that it is consistent with other trim in your house. We can match any trim by using a combination on our custom production molder. Whether you are interested in trim for your entire house or simply a few pieces, we can help. Trim can be sold finished or unfinished.


Experienced in commercial millwork, we build to ALmac standards. Locally, we have built commercial snack bars, restaurant bars and benches and municipal council chambers. All of these projects exceeded expectations while meeting the necessary rigorous timelines of the client’s business.


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